LumaCross + Chrome Pedestal Lamp

LumaCross + Chrome Pedestal Lamp

With Wired Variable Dimmer

LumaCross + Chrome Pedestal Lamp is an LED cross light bulb for installation in a chrome lamp with wired variable dimmer.

  • Soft white light
  • LED bulb with the equivalent to a 40-watt incandescent bulb
  • On/Off switch with variable dimmer on the 6-foot power cord
  • Pedestal chrome lamp, 7” H x 3” W
LumaCross products are tested and packaged by LumaCorps, helping to employ adults with disabilities.

The perfect gift, LumaCross reminds us of our faith and the importance of Christ. Let LumaCross be a shining inspiration for your family and friends.

Watch The LumaCross Story

In moments of darkness there is always light. The inventor of LumaCross finds hope in the light of faith to help employ disabled adults.

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