Frequently Asked Questions

Do you ship internationally?
No. Our products are designed for use in the United States.

Do you have a physical store I can visit?
No. At this time, the products offered for sale on the web site are only available for sale online.

When will I get my shipment? currently ships from its warehouse in Golden Valley, MN. Please see our Shipping Policy for more details.

When will you charge my credit card?
When you place an order.

Is my credit card information safe if I place an order online?
Absolutely. We use the latest security and encryption technologies to make sure your information stays private! See our Site Security under Privacy Policy for more details

Can I use a Gift Card (from Visa/Mastercard/AMEX/Discover) on my purchase?
Gift Cards of this variety typically cannot be authorized for online purchases as they are formatted differently than standard credit/debit cards and can’t be used on our site.

I can't add items to my shopping cart, see my shopping cart or access My Account. requires your web browser to accept cookies and to have JavaScript turned on in order to access certain areas and functions of our website, such as the shopping cart and my account sections. Make sure you have the most up to date version of your web browser, and if you continue to have problems, please contact Customer Service.

Does charge sales tax?
Due to recent changes in legislation, states now have the ability to mandate whether or not they charge sales tax for online purchases. Many states have decided to act on this ability, so we are now required to charge sales tax on any order with a shipping address in these states. We realize no one likes paying taxes, but it is important for us to remain compliant with all applicable tax laws as mandated by the state governments in which we conduct business.

How does my LumaCross Lamp dimmer function work?

This lamp is equipped with a touch-control multi-dimmer. When operated with the LumaCross bulb, the third step (high power) has been limited. This limitation makes the light output in this mode just slightly more than the output in the second step (medium power) mode. This is not a defect. The power limiting feature is designed to extend the life the LumaCross bulb.

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